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 CatchMaster Glue Boards for Pest Control 
Wednesday, August 06 2014

Fly control in almost any commercial kitchen can give even the best professional a headache. So if you a fly problem in your kitchen and seem to be butting your head against the wall, we may be able to help you out. If you cook for a school or operate a restaurant which serves the public, you have concerns for the public health and your business reputation. Most companies have depended only on having ILTs (Insect Light Trap) installed, these take up a lot of room and you need to make sure they are installed in the right places.

CatchMaster has a new tool we are very excited about and want to share. This new tool is one that we believe has been missing from most commercial kitchens. The SilenTrap™ Flying Insect Trap is a nice looking, freestanding, plug-in flying insect trap. We feel the SilenTrap™ is perfect for use in areas with a sudden outbreak of flies and or other hot spots in your commercial kitchen. The discreet and lightweight design allows you to easily move it from one location to another. The SilenTrap™ is not limited to just hanging around on the wall like the big ILTs, but if you want to hang it you can.

The SilenTrap™ allows you to control flies in those unique areas that a full-size ILT just won’t fit or isn’t needed for the long-term. There is no bug zapping and therefore no unsanitary clean-up around the unit. Instead, the unit attracts flying pests with its light and then captures them on the glue board. It was thoughtfully designed to contain any flies that may inadvertently fall onto the glue board. The SilenTrap™ lets you decide the placement, thus making it almost limitless where you can use this great insect light trap. But here are a few ways that the SilenTrap™ allows you to be creative in controlling any flying insects in your commercial kitchen:

  • In areas where an ILT is just not practical or will not fit, you can place the the SilenTrap™. Areas may include floor drains, and even around an ice machine. You can use the the SilenTrap™ on bars, shelves and many other places and can be moved around as needed.
  • Use the SilenTrap™ in or around the hard to clean, and hard to get to areas, under your bars, around drink dispensers, kitchen equipment and other similar areas.
  • Try to turn out other lights, this means no competing light sources, thus allowing the SilenTrap™ to do its job.
  • The best height to place The SilenTrap™ and any other ILT is between 6 and 8 feet, as this is the height most flies will travel when moving from place to place.

Hopefully this will let you see where The SilenTrap™ can help you with your fly problem anf we hope you will consider making it a part of your fly management program. To learn more about the SilenTrap™ and other great CatchMaster products visit today.

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